Spring garden

We are starting to see some life in the garden, not much but its a start. There are little purple violets popping up in the lawn and we have a few wild trillium that appear every year which is always exciting to see. One of my favorites is the chicks & hens which don't bloom but always look so good in the garden. Next will be the lilly of the valley and tiger lilies but its still too early for these to appear.


  1. Thanks for sharing your blooming pictures- I love to see the trilium...I don't have those around here. Enjoy all the greenery and blooms!

  2. Love to see the first blooms of spring. I have deep red trilliums popping up ... no white ones yet. That one bird hiding among your chicks & hens looks like it's singing!
    Enjoyed your spring pictures Natalie!

  3. Love your spring garden Natalie. How lovely.


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