Beautiful Butterflies

There is nothing better than receiving a handmade card from a friend in the mail. I have been spoiled with these 2 beautiful cards from two beautiful ladies! Both have butterflies which are my all time favorite and I love them both. Huge thank you to Rosemary and Dana for sending these beauties!

It's been many days since I have posted, I was finding it difficult to take photos at night. Too many shadows appearing on cards and I found myself trying to balance a lamp on my head while trying to take a photo (my husband got a good laugh watching me with the lamp :). So I decided to try and make a photo box and buy some lighting before posting anymore cards. Well, thanks to Susanne (Stampersuzz) and her instructions I made a photo light box last night and it works great! These two cards from Rosemary and Dana are the first photos taken in the box and it was so much easier and fast too!

I am also posting a card for the ladies in my technique class. Also a butterfly which I made quite awhile ago. We made a similar card to this one on the weekend!

Thanks for stopping by, keep warm and have a great day! :)


  1. Beautiful cards from wonderful friends! And I love that Swirl with Flowers stamp with you gorgeous butterfly, Nat! So glad you were able to make a light box! The photos look great! A lamp on your head!!? (hee, hee) :)

  2. okay... trying to picture you with a lamp on your head... too funny!! glad you were able to make a light box. i'm still struggling with getting good photos! both photos turned out perfect. what a beautiful card you received from dana! love your butterfly card and again, so wishing i could take a class from you!

  3. These are so gorgeous! I love butterflies! lol! I too am trying to picture you with a lamp on your head! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing these amazing cards!
    Very interesting to see what can be done with butterflies!!

  5. You just make me laugh! Lol! I guess your hubby thought you were a Coal Miner there for a few minutes. Lol! I so love how the pics turned out in your new box Nat. I so know what you mean about the picture taking and shadows. I have had info for a long time on how to make it, but my hubby hasn't done it yet for me. Yes, I said that right. I am not that great with measurements so he would have to do it. Your card is amazing and I love how you did your swirl on your card. Love that soft touch of muted orange in the center of your butterfly.So happy that you loved your card. Big Hugs

  6. hee hee... trying to imagine you with a lamp on your head. =) thanks for share the beauties you received and your butterfly card is sooooooo pretty, too! love the beautiful clean design.


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