Christmas Cookies & the Dollar Store!

No, I did not buy my Christmas Cookies at the dollar store! LOL!!!I made some peanut butter cookies using the recipe on the back of Kraft's crunchy Peanut Butter.  The ribbon is from the dollar store,  Dollarama now has May Arts Ribbon?? Totally excited as these ribbons are beautiful :)
The peanut butter...
the recipe ...

Close up Peanut Butter Cookies ...
These are super easy to make and very yummy! Added a chocolate chip  the centers of each :)

All packaged up and ready to go!
May Arts Ribbon $2
Dollarama has tons of crafting supplies and name brands like Fiskars! You never know what your going to find :) Not sure if there are any Dollarama's in the US but we have a ton of them here in the Toronto area.
  One of my favorite stores!
Take a second look at your local dollar store, you never know what your going to find ;)
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  1. Yummy looking cookies. I always get Kraft peanut butter when I make a trip north of the border to home. No Dollarama store in my neck of the woods! So no cheap ribbon. Glad you are getting an awesome deal!

  2. Oh My... my mouth is watering! They look so good. Getting these extra holiday pounds off this going to be tough.

  3. May Arts Ribbon $2/roll?! That's beyond belief! Doubt my dollar store has that but I'm sure going to check! Your cookies look fabulous, Nat!


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