Christmas in July! High Hopes Stamps

Hi there, Happy Wednesday!
We are celebrating Christmas in July over on the High Hopes website. 
I think this is the perfect opportunity to get my Christmas Cards all ready for  December. 
I don't want a repeat of  last year as  I ended up buying my Christmas Cards :(  I left them to the last minute and  was too busy in December to get them done.   

Creation made with ...

 To start off I grabbed a plastic box out of the recycle bin.  This one was from a box of chocolates and the lid has a beveled design (which is kinda neat). 
I made a little kit to help assist in sending out my cards this year. 
The kit consists of ...
Address Book
Tin with Christmas Seals and Stickers
Small Set of Snowman Rubber Stamps & ink
Vintage night before Christmas Book and Vintage Photo for added fun
The container is lined  on the bottom with some fun Vintage Santa card stock |:)
 Here's the handmade Address Book and  Christmas Seal  Tin. (which is made with an Altoids Tin)
I like to decorate the envelopes (when sending my cards) with Stickers and stamped Christmas Images.  I also ask for the Christmas Stamps at the post office for a  nice festive touch!
 A peek at the top of the box. The ribbon is easily removed as there is Velcro on the bottom of the box :)
 A peek inside the Vintage  1947 Night before Christmas. I love the graphics so much!

Now I just need Christmas Cards added and I will be ready!!
Thanks for peeking, have a great day!

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  1. Everything is so festive an so beautiful Natalie :) .. I feel like I want to join in on making Christmas cards with you !!!


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