Color Swatches and Scrapfest RH 2016

Super quick post for this afternoon.  I've spent the week moving my craft room over to the "larger" part of the basement.
Half way through the week I had to declare a "Code 9" meaning that my husband has just discovered how much crafting supplies I actually have!!!! 


He just keeps saying "I can't believe how much crafting supplies you have" 

LOL !!!! :) Guess the cat is out of the bag!!!

It's Sunday afternoon and I finally feel that everything has been put back into place. 
I will be giving my room a fresh coat of paint next weekend  and will hopefully share some pics after that.
While cleaning and re-organization I cam across my trusty Color Coach from Stamping up. 
I actually have very few Stamping up products.  I really like their stamps but including the color swatch I might have like 2 stamp sets that I bought used.
 This is probably one of my favorite Crafting items. I find that I will use the same colours over and over again so this helps my use other colors that work well together. I like using this even thou I don't have any of the SU products I just use the colours and match it up to my papers and Copic markers.  I picked this up many years ago at Scrapfest Kitchener.
 A friend of mine also wanted one but it was just recently discontinued by Stampin' Up.  So I made here a Color swatch chart with recycled  paint chips I had collected when we were painting the house!

 D is a horse fan so I used that as the first page of the swatch.  The thing I like about these is it gives you a picture that uses the colors and a chunk of each colour on the chip. I made a sleeve using a little wooden horse shoe and will give this to her next in a few weeks at Scrapfest Richmond Hill.
This brings me to my last quick note.  I will be at Scrapfest RH in two weeks on the Saturday.  I'm helping out with Copic make and takes at the High Hopes Booth.  Please stop by and say hello. :) 

Thanks for peeking!!

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