Aberfoyle Antique market fun!

It's been a full weekend of garage sales and Antique markets. Met up with two friends today to explore Aberfoyle which is basically a really awesome Antique Market. All outdoors, there is  acres of interesting items to be found!
 I think that's an Easy bake oven at the back of the photo? I love that little sewing machine. 
 Some vintage Christmas items. I really like this Vendor and have bought a few thing from this Gal in the past!
 Have I mentioned my passion/obsession with typewriters.  I currently own 3 and
would have a lot of explaining if I showed back home with another (lol)!
 5 hours of walking on a beautiful sunny day and with friends. 
It was a perfect day!
 Another honey of a typewriter. The little note made me laugh!
 I like those frames in the back of the photo. I could put 
them to good use for sure :)
 Another cool kids sewing machine.....
 Okay and that's an Easy bake oven, so retro and cool!!!!
 Shaded areas to have a nice coffee and chat.  I stopped at the deli and picked up some buns, honey ham and cheese before arriving and had prepared some picnic 
fixings the night before. So it was nice to sit outside and eat some fresh
 More walking!
 and more looking!
Another Underwood.  Gosh that's a gorgeous machine!!!
Here's my little purchase of the day. More looking than buying this time.  
Some vintage Christmas music sheets.  Thought this would by good for Scrapbooking and vintage Santa and Mrs Claus 
Salt and Pepper Shakers. Just too cute to pass up. 
Think I'm in the Christmas mood!?!

Thanks for peeking! 

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