Thinking of you flowers

I am very excited to receive this lovely award from sweet Rosemary... thank you so much!! Along with getting this award I have to pick five people whose blogs I enjoy, pass the award onto them. (just right click on the award and save it to your computer) also state what I liked about them. Plus write five things about me!

Here are five blogs I absolutely adore...
Michelles blog is a wonderful source of inspiration, she is one talented lady and I love to check in and see what she has been up to!
Susanne just started her blog not too long ago, she has a love of wildlife just like me and has posted some really amazing photos. Her cards have a beautiful romantic touch to them.
Another favorite blog of mine is Sue Her use of colours and style is truly beautiful and I always enjoy visiting her blog!
Virginia always amazes me with her creativity. Not only does she make beautiful cards she often shares her yummy recipes and world travels too! Total inspiration and one talented lady!
Alice amazes me with the large number of gorgeous creations she posts. She is part of many design teams and her digital stamping and sense of style is out of this world!

Here are five little tidbits about me :) ...
1) I am at my happiest when I am at home spending a quiet day crafting, no TV, No radio just playing around with stamps and inks!
2)I've been wanting to get a tiny tattoo of my two cats together with a heart around them. My older cat will have a pair of angel/butterfly wings and my little cat will be fashioning a set of horns!
3)I have worked at the same company for 18 years and love it!
4)I got married at an apple farm in rural Ontario many years ago and made all my Invitation for the wedding using Anna Griffin Floral stamps.
5)I cook dinner every night for my husband after work, not that I like cooking by more out of necessity. We made a deal that I would cook and my he would do all the grocery shopping. It works out great for me as the shopping takes so much time out of my day. My husband does the meal planning too so I don't even have to think about that part. Just cook the food! Tonight is roast beef!

Thinking of you floral card is made with Hero Arts CL342 everyday sayings & CL431 Watercolor Petals.
Thanks for stopping by, Presidents Day to my US friends and happy Family Day in Ontario Canada too!


  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Natalie - I had to smile, we have many things in common. And this card makes me smile :) I love its simplicity with the little touch added to the center of your flower...very nice!
    (Jenifer Ann)

  2. so fun to learn a few more things about you, nat! what a lovely, lovely card today!

  3. I adore your card, I just love the simpler designs like in this card and the little touch of pearls is simply perfect. So great to learn a little more about you, and I especially love point No.5!

  4. Beautiful card, Nat and so fun to hear more about you! My favorite kind of day is the same. . .quiet, at home, playing with stamps! My hubby and I also made a deal when we were married. . .He cooks, I clean. . .it's worked perfectly for 22 years now! Hugs to you! :)

  5. This is such a beautiful card Nat! Congrats on your blogger award! It's nice to hear more about you :)

  6. Beautiful CAS card Natalie! I really like how you have made these stamps shine! An inspirational idea!

  7. This sis so delicate and beautiful!

  8. Love the simple design here - great stamping!

  9. Your card it so pretty.
    Will be checking out the other blogs that you adore.

    Leslee in MT

  10. Hi Nat, your card is beautiful--love the simplicity of it. Great job and thanks for the sweet comments that you leave on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Love this card. Reminds me of the generation stamping technique. I think that is what it is called. Beautiful indeed. So great to make some wonderful blogging friends isn't it.

  12. beautiful card, Nat! beautiful stamping and i just adore the simple design. and thank you for the award!! you are so sweet and a wonderful inspiration! i enjoyed reading more about you, too! love the cat tattoo idea! we should consider that, too... =)


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