Wintery Christmas Ornament -- High Hopes Stamps

 Hi there, thanks so much for stopping my today. Christmas is just around the corner and I've started to think about the tree and taking the ornaments out from the basement. It's always tons of work to get everything decorated for the holidays but well worth it in the end.
I usually get together with a few friends every year and we each make a Christmas project and teach each other how create our project. It's always a fun time and I was thinking why not try and make an ornament!
So here it is!!! I found a clear plastic ornament at my local dollar store. It was filled with tinsel which I removed and added my own assortment of sequences, gems mini ornaments and other odds and ends too!  Everything is hot glued inside the ornament and basically I dropped hot glue from the top of the opening and used a pencil to press all the parts and pieces into the glue. The image was rolled up and dropped into the ornament onto a bed of hot glue.  It was a little tricky but just played around with it until I liked the look. 

Thanks for peeking! Hope you get crafty and make an ornament for the tree :)

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  1. Wow Natalie .. this is gorgeous and truly one of a kind!!
    I love how you kept the vintage colours and added bells and tinsel.. and the image is so adorable!


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