Garage Sale Finds!

With Summer just around the corner there are Garage Sales popping up everywhere.
I basically went to bed last night at 9pm after a long day at work and my crappy allergies driving my crazy! . 
Up at 7am  for garage sales with 
my best bud for a few hours!
It's always a great time, laughing and smiling. It really is an event I look forward to.

There are always Scrappy finds, vintage items  or thing I think/wonder  can be altered or bedazzled.
Here are a few items that made it into the craft room this week. 
First off some pretty flowers for a dollar  (Above). I've had the vase empty for awhile so that work great and hubby swears they look real lol!! 
Here's another favorite find that I picked up today.  I don't actually play Scrabble but love the wood letters for scrapbooking!!
The last little gem found was Vintage Look postcards that will be fun at Halloween. These were also a quarter!
Anyways, that's the little bit  of  fun or the day!!
Hope your Saturday was a great one. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Great Finds from the garage sales Natalie!! Those halloween post cards are sweet as could be!!


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