Garage sale time!

Although I did not make it out to the garage sales this weekend I still have a post to share from last weekend. A few things for the craft room. More storage which you can never have enough of.

  First off I always wipe down and clean anything I bring into the house. So these little finds are left in the back yard while I made breakfast. 

I love going to garage sales with hubby. He makes me smile :) Anytime there's a lemonade stand he will buy a  few cups (not actually have any) but  tell the kids that he is paying for the next few customers that stop by! :)   :)   :) 

That cute little sewing machine I picked up for a buck.  I actually picked it up for a friend that wants to sew on cards. Too bad it does not work properly. So it's in the trash and I will keep on looking for her!
That singer thing in the back of the photo is a sewing machine cover and it totally fits my 
sewing machine so for 2 bucks I was quite thrilled with that find!
 I've been on the lookout for globes that I can alter and came across this lamp. It actually lights up. It was 2 bucks and it's now in the craft room! The white wire rack is from Provocraft for paint bottle storage.  Not quite sure what I will be doing with this was also 2 dollars.
 The tall red Ikea shelf was 5 bucks and probably intended for CD's.  I was not sure 
how I was going to use it but I figured it would come in handy in the craft room!
The other caddy in the photo will be handy for note pads, pens ect and was only a dollar.
 and a close up!!
 Here's the lamp in action :)
And the shelf put to use. Wood stamp storage, well that just worked out perfect!
 A little DYI with the caddy.  I try to look at the bones of a piece remember look past the colour .. you can always paint it to 
change the look.  I used cream colour chalk paint and a light sanding for a distress look.

 And the almost  finished project! Still need to fit the washi roll in and paint the dowel. That will be for another day!

Thanks for peeking. Looking forward to the next garage sale share!

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  1. Wow, what excellent garage sale finds! I love what you did with all of them! Great globe lamp, too!


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