2017 Pumpkin Carving! Halloween Fun.

 Every year I pick one of the pumpkin carvings from the Cricut Cartridge to use for Halloween. This year I decided on this creepy hand

Actually to back up just a bit I wasn't going to bother carving a pumpkin this year.  I'm super busy and working 6 days a week extended hours  every day.  We don't really get a lot of kids anywhere from 1 to I think 7 kids at the most.  We live outside of the subdivision so the kids don't bother walking all the way down the street for a few houses. 

Last night my Husband said we should still decorate and carve the pumpkin even if it is for one kid that may be disappointed if the arrived and we had nothing for them. So I agreed and carved this pumpkin up. 

My first two kids arrived and the one little guy was soooo excited when he saw the pumpkin and ask me if I carved it!!!
Well..... I'm over the moon and so glad I'm shelling out this year!
..and so far 5 kids have knocked on the door!! woot woot :D !!!
So here's the stencil, cut with the Cricut pumpkin carvings!
I use a sharpie marker and trace around it. 
Carved out the negative space and then use a scrubbie to remove any excess marker.
And were ready for Oct 31st!!!
Thanks for peeking!
Happy Halloween!!!!

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