Cutting Pad replacement --Sizzix

I wanted to share my well used die cut machine. I use this  machine almost 
every day, bring it to crops and  Scrapfest, 
and i'm proud of it
I have to tell you at one of the  last events  my machine was laughed at  because of 
the well worn gunky cutting pads, and shims. 
I told the ladies that I would have this machine forever and their response was really???
Okay , so I was craft shamed (boo!)...
time for some new cutting pads!
So ... I had hubby cut some plexiglass (and yes those are his taped up glasses in the picture above lol!) in two different sizes.  Perfect for replacement cutting pads. One set for the magnetic platform and the other longer pads for the extended platform.
There's a special cutter specifically for cutting plexi, makes things so much easier!
Yes, I could have just ordered a new set of pads but we already had  the plexi leftover so there was no cost which works for me!
They work like a charm and so much easier to use with 
the magnetic platform versus the curved 
cutting pads I've been using!
My die cut machine has a makeover and feels like a brand new machine!
Thanks for peeking!!

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