World Card Making Day!!

I was invited out by a friend today to a Stampin Up Event for World Card Making days hosted by Mary Louise from Stampin Up.  It was a full day of Card making.  I think there was about 10 cards that we made.  Tons of fun, tons of food and tons of friends.  What else could you ask for?

It all started off with my Tim's Coffee and a little treat waiting on the table.  It's a little box of candies in a super sweet decorated box.
 Everything was pre-cut of the cards which was a really nice change.  Each card was made at a  station with an instructor on hand.  Pretty awesome set up, we were moving fast as there was lots of cards to be made!!
 Here's one of the cards we made :)
 Me and Donna showing off our cards. ....
Keiko, Donna and Connie :) These Gals are way too sweet!! :)
 This was a great technique taught by Jean from Stampn Up.
 Keiko giving us a preview of her card !!  Love it!! :)
 This was one of my favorite projects.  We made this box that fits four cards and envelopes with the Envelope punch board.  I think I will be making these for my regular cards.  I really love this idea .
 I also really love this card we made too.  Not the greatest photo but I love that card shape.  I will be making this again for sure.!!
One last picture.... the tickets in the first photo was for several  door prizes at the event.  My name was picked for this set!! Awesome day all around!

Thanks for peeking!

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  1. What a great group of projects! I love the night sky one!


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